Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform


Are you looking for a powerful solution for all your business-related issues?

Do you want to accelerate innovation and reduce the overall expenditure of your business?

Not to worry anymore..!!

We are presenting The Microsoft Power Platform..!!

Have you heard it before?? might have heard it..!!

Microsoft Power Platform is an emphatic set of all the most persuasive applications that allows users to build solutions, data analysis, automate processes and build virtual agents..!!

Microsoft Power Platform is an adequate skill for everyone interested in technology. It is not designed for programmers or technology specialists, anybody can learn it..!!

Let's dive into the article to learn more about it..!!


What is Microsoft Power Platform?


Microsoft Power Platform is a low code ecosystem that spans Azure Dynamics, Standalone applications and Office 365. Every tool available in the suit comes in a simple graphical user interface that can easily opt by any organisation.

In Microsoft Power Platform, four major primary products are included;

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Microsoft Virtual Agent

Microsoft Power Platform access data in 275+ different connectors, all of them built in a way that provides seamless integration with every application. Microsoft Power Platform is a common data service that allows user to easily access each application and it is good to start with.

Major Features of Power Platform

  • An amazing Power Apps Test Framework
  • Capability to run offline apps on Dynamics 365
  • A Powerful and useful checker for Power Apps
  • A useful Portal Checker
  • A powerful support for portals embedded with Power BI
  • A Power Apps cmdlets for the administrators.
  • Permit to the users for viewing inline images for all the read only emails.
  • A huge support for model driven apps on all the smartphones.


Why use Microsoft Power Platform?


Microsoft Power Platform provides ability to empower users for developing high-value solutions for themselves and as we as others. According to a  study, Microsoft has claimed a 502% return on investment over past 3 years for Platform Adopters.

Moreover, Organisation have been competent to take the place of entire third party application and integration using in-built tools developed in-house. The most common use cases for the platform comprises of on boarding experiences of employee,  service requests, attendance management and automated approval workflows.

With Microsoft Power Platform, organisation can create Power Apps that collect responses, Power Automate flows to manage the movement of the collected data and Power BI to attain insights.

Power Platform equips higher flexibility to the employees for developing bespoke solutions to meet all the requirements. It will help you in improving your business efficiency to create a seamless experience.


Advantages of Microsoft Power Platform

Why Power Platform? Well, here are some advantages that you must read to know the answer.

Have a look..!!

  • Microsoft Power Platform offers an opportunity to create chatbots, integrations, automations, applications and reports without having an expertise in this field.
  • Every tool developed using Microsoft Power Platform can be easily accessible using smartphone or tablet. It is developed in a way that can be easily used on every screen.
  • Power platform helps you in creating automated processes that decrease the work load whereas increase the productivity.
  • It is highly flexible and gives you a seamless work experience that you have never had before. It will turn your organisation into a modern workplace.
  • The data that you collect everyday contains plenty of valuable insights, with Power Platform tools you can take some informed business decisions and easily implement changes according ti your need.


What you will Learn?


  • Introduction to Microsoft Power Platform
  • Learn the Core Components of Microsoft Power Platform.
  • You will learn to create simple apps, data visualization with Power Platform.
  • Learn how to describe the business value of Microsoft Power Platform.
  • How to automate a business process and how to built a chatbot?
  • Get to know the components of Power Platform and learn how to identify them.
  • Get to know how to demonstrate the capabilities of Power BI?
  • Get to learn the capabilities of Power apps and know how to describe them?
  • Learn demonstrating the value of Power Virtual Agents.


Ending Notes


We are at the end of this article so now I want to share one thing with you all..!!

When you use a new technology you think that it is the best nothing can beat it but tahts not the whole truth. In the technological word miracles happens everyday.

Any advanced technology can be called a magic..!!

Microsoft Power Platform is a well designed and easy to use one stop shop for business organisations. Create value of your organisation using the power platform. Take the development power in your own hands an feel like you are the magician..!!

All you need is to start with Power Platform..!!

I just hope that I have included all the required information in this article.

Hope you like it..!!