Welcome To MeeshaSoft

Meesha Software is the absolute best place to get into the programming industry. We’re a fast-moving, modern, and fair company with opportunities in all aspects of software development. We have locations all over the world with a presence in every major city and we have tons of opportunities for anyone looking to grow their skillset or make a change.

MeeshaSoft is a leading provider of IT certification training courses. We offer the latest in-demand certifications, including CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, and many more


Why choose us?

Wide variety of courses

Our course catalog is wide and diverse, giving you plenty of options for your future career. You can choose from a range of topics such as cryptography, data science, or web development - we have something for everyone!


Certified professionals

MeeshaSoft is the leading provider of digitally-focused training and certification in the world, with over 2k certifications delivered since 2018. Learn from our many courses that cover topics from cybersecurity to blockchain and more.


Hands-On Skill Development Program (HOSDP)

Hands-on training is usually how software is learned. It gives the user a better understanding by giving them the chance to pick up and use the software themselves in a controlled environment. Interactive, immersive training is better than video and screen share options. Trainees can actively participate and learn more this way. One of the best benefits is customer education. While it’s true that customers can trial the software by themselves, having a chatbot show them how to make use of it in “real-world” scenarios is an even better way to introduce people to new technology.

Why use Our HOSDP?

Manual training provides people with the opportunity to use the software themselves, learn by doing and figure out what tasks they’ll be most interested in. It’s just a figure of speech—without experiencing the interface firsthand, it will still be difficult to understand how it works & know whether it can help you achieve your business goals. By signing up at our website, you can get a first-hand look at our amazing interface and discover how it’ll help you use your time more efficiently and achieve your goals faster.