Power BI over Tableau

Why Choose Power BI over Tableau?


Power BI and Tableau are the most prominent and honored Data visualization tools in the business intelligence industry. They both have evolved as the superintendent of the industry.

Are you one of those people who are confused to select between them?

Did you get the answer??


I might not tell you which one to choose however, I can alleviate you to apprehend the difference. Here I am gonna elaborate on why you should choose Power BI Over tableau.

Power BI And Tableau both are tools that are evolved, upgraded, and acclimated since released.

Let's dive into the article and explore Why Choose Power BI over Tableau?



Power Bi  & Tableau


Power Bi and Tableau are the two most powerful Business Intelligence tools. They both got some similarities in their features and functionalities. However, several things differentiate them.

Power BI is a data visualization tool by Microsoft that commenced as an add-on to Microsoft Excel. Nevertheless, now its exclusive task is to create a data-driven culture with BI.

Tableau is a robust business intelligence tool by Salesforce that produces the data flow and turns data into actionable information. It is a considerably adored trendy analytics platform in the technological world.



Advantages of Power BI over Tableau


If we are talking about business intelligence and data visualization then Power BI and Tableau is the reasonable tool. Both of the tools have ripened enormously since their inception.

So what is the difference? Why do we need to choose one over another?

We can't choose both, therefore we have to find the right solution for our business accordingly.



Power BI over Tableau- Pricing

Which one is affordable?

There should be no comparison between Power BI and Tableau. It is because Power BI is more affordable than Tableau. The noteworthy thing here is that this selective comparison is just for Individual licenses. Power BI and Tableau have dissimilar attributes, configurations, and features so we can't compare them across the board.

There are two different versions of Power BI and Tableau:

  • Individual version
  • Organizational version

Both of these versions have distinctive pricing accordingly.



Power BI over Tableau: integration

Power BI is a business intelligence tool that is funded by Microsoft therefore you will have the inbuilt support of Office 365.  Power BI is Bundled with Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan, hence the support for other Microsoft services and products is extended. These services incorporate Exchange, drive, and share point.

Along with the Inbuilt authorization of Power BI, you can utilize the pre-existing data and analytics configurations that are available on other tools of 365.

Whereas Tableau comes with highly inadequate extensibility along with prevalent products.



Power BI over Tableau: Data Manipulation

Power BI has several ways of data manipulation. It can be done by generating a report or extracting data using an API/Data modeling. Data manipulation with power BI is faster and more efficient. With power BI you can work using a small database.

Tableau doesn't work with small databases. It can turn data into comprehensible perspicuity along with gripping graphics.



Power BI over Tableau: Security features

Microsoft Power BI ensures security infringements very seriously thus it keeps on mending and revamping all its products. Power BI keeps a check on all its security protocols and submissions and tries to follow them at the highest level. Microsoft is popular as the leader in data security so they keep subsidizing and extending security research.

Comparatively, tableau doesn't give that much attention to the security section. It is nowhere when it comes to privacy and security as they majorly focus on data visualization.



Power BI over Tableau: Customer Support

Power BI provides exceptional customer support through various support channels. Every support channel serves its purpose accordingly. An important task is to maintain a dynamic support group called the Power BI community. In this forum, users are allowed to post queries, and answers and they can look for best practices and certain topics. This community is open for pro and premium users.

Whereas, Tableau delivers customers with routine services to their paid users. Your customer support will start right after you bought a subscription and it will go on until the last day of the subscription. After that, you will need to pay some nominal amount to keep availing of the premium support feature.



Power BI over Tableau: ETL/Data Discovery Suite

Power BI has a scalable powerful tool for executing ETL Extract Transformation and Load Operation. Data transformation is the prominent work that should be done before generating a report.

Tableau is no way better than tableau when it comes to ETL and data Discovery suites.






What's your decision?

Do you think that comparison serves its purpose?

Well, I tried my way best to distinguish Power BI and Tableau. Both of these tools bring their best according to the requirements of the organization.

In this article, we have discussed Why Choose Power Bi Over Tableau. I have explained every aspect that proves Why you should opt for Power BI over Tableau.

Now it's up to you..!! Choose wisely..!!