Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Certified Kubernetes Administrator

  • 40 Hours
  • 5/10 Lectures

Certified Kubernetes Administrator

  • 40 Hours
  • 5/10 Lectures

Certified kubernetes administrator training 

Kubernetes is one of the most cutting-edge technologies in today's interdependent global economy that relies heavily on Cloud infrastructure. According to the findings of a study carried out by Indeed, the number of job searches related to Kubernetes has increased by approximately 173% in comparison to the previous year. Kubernetes is a free and open-source software tool that helps automate the process of deploying, growing, and managing containerized software applications. It was first conceived and developed by Google, but the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is in charge of its upkeep at present.

When it comes to the deployment of applications, Kubernetes is comparable to the state of the art. Participants in this CKA program will get an understanding of how to efficiently deploy apps using Kubernetes, which will help them further their careers as DevOps professionals. To enroll in this Certified Kubernetes Administrator course right now, have a look at the dates that are listed below.

Prerequisites for the Course: 

There are currently no requirements that students must fulfill before enrolling in this class to be considered eligible. Having a fundamental grasp of Linux commands, such as the "vi editor" command, is not required to participate in the course; nevertheless, it is highly suggested.

Students who take this course to become Certified Kubernetes Administrators will obtain the expertise necessary to create and deploy cloud-native apps on Kubernetes clusters. Participants will have shown the ability to handle basic installs as well as setup and maintenance of production quality Kubernetes clusters upon successful completion of this online Certified Kubernetes Administrator course. Candidates will need to demonstrate a grasp of fundamental ideas and principles, such as Kubernetes networking, maintenance, security, storage, application lifecycle, logging and monitoring, troubleshooting, API object primitives, and use cases for end-users.

The following are some of the key features of the CKA Certification Training:

  • CKA Certification Training that Lasts for 5 Days and Is Led by an Instructor.

  • Gain access to a free Certified Kubernetes Administrator course that is one hour long so that you can better prepare for the real Training.

  • Professional Kubernetes teachers are sourced from all around the world by the Linux Foundation.

  • Accredited content for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator course, created by subject matter experts (SMEs).

  • Participating in Certified Kubernetes Administrator lab sessions will allow you to get practical experience.

  • Certificate of Completion of the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Course is delivered. This certification is recognized by the industry.

  • Training to become a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) is offered in more than one hundred locations worldwide.

Who is eligible to participate in the CKA Certification Training?

Online training for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator certification is available for a variety of job types, including but not limited to the following:

  • IT Experts and Technicians

  • Professionals Working in DevOps

  • Engineers in charge of operations

  • IT Architects (IT Architects)

  • Developers of Computer Software

  • System Administrators

  • Linux Administrators

  • Administrators of the Cloud

  • IT Engineers

  • Those in the professional world who are interested in learning more about Kubernetes and how it might be used.

  • Those who are interested in taking the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam offered by the Linux Foundation.

The following is a list of the learning goals for Certified Kubernetes Administrator Training:

  • Students who take the training course to become Certified Kubernetes Administrators have a solid foundation in the operation of Kubernetes.

  • This offers instructions on how to install a containerized application and do resource manipulations using the application programming interface (API).

  • The Certified Kubernetes Administrator training comprises a total of thirteen chapters that cover topics such as resource scheduling, security, and custom resource definitions. The course begins with an overview of the fundamentals of Kubernetes.

  • Lab exercises are an integral part of the Certified Kubernetes Administrator training program. These exercises provide students the opportunity to put their newly acquired knowledge and abilities into practice.

  • Any DevOps practitioner should make it a priority to get familiar with Kubernetes. DevOps engineers are constantly in demand. The current average income for DevOps engineers is around 20% more than the average salary for software engineers.

Advantages of Completing the CKA Certification Training and Test: 

  • Completing the CKA certification training and exam provides professionals with an advantage that is nearly unfair in comparison to other professionals who are not qualified.

  • Training and testing are used to verify a professional's abilities, which results in improved employment opportunities and the possibility of increased earnings.

  • To maintain one's standing as a relevant member of the administration community, earning a certification is more crucial than it has ever been given the vast number of companies that are making the switch to Kubernetes.

  • Kubernetes is an adaptable solution that can be adapted to meet the needs of companies of any size and operating in any sector.

  • Professionals can cover more ground within the realm of information technology if they get their CKA certification.

  • Last but not least, given that Kubernetes is a multinational movement, obtaining certification enables professionals to get global recognition for their knowledge, abilities, and expertise.

  • The yearly salary range for DevOps Engineers with the expertise of Kubernetes is on average between USD 140,000 and USD 200,000.

  • Kubernetes administration is one of the talents that are in high demand across all different kinds of industries.

Exam Format for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Certification;

After completing this course, students are eligible to apply for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) test. The CNCF and the Linux Foundation have collaborated to develop this CKA training course with the primary intention of providing further impetus for the development of a more robust Kubernetes ecosystem. The examination is a performance-based test that must be completed online under the supervision of a proctor. It demands the completion of several tasks using a command line that is running Kubernetes.

Exam by

Linux Foundation

Exam Name

Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Exam Type

Multiple-choice Questions

Exam Cost

USD 375

Total Questions

260 Questions

Exam Duration

120 Minutes

Passing Score



English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese

As a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA), you'll be tested on the following topics:

  • Structure, setup, and configuration of clusters (25%).

  • Time management and prioritization (15%).

  • Support structures and connections (20%).

  • Storage (10%).

  • Determining the Source of Issues (30%).

Course Curriculum

  • Overview of Container Orchestration
  • Introduction to Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Architecture

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  • Exp. 4 year

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  • 40 Hours
  • 5/10 Lectures
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